Vintage Shopping & Tricks of the Trade

When done right and you feel comfortable in second hand items worn by a previous owner, vintage shopping is absolutely fascinating and exciting!  Whether a certain dress was worn for a wedding, or someone danced the night away as a flapper in the twenties, it feels incredible that a new story and a new adventure can be created for the clothes of the past.  So if you are thinking about venturing into vintage, here are some tips and tricks of the trade to make it a little bit easier when scouring your local shops.


Source:  Adored Vintage

First, go in with an open mind so you aren’t fixated on anything in particular; otherwise, you may never get anywhere and feel devastated if you never find what you are looking for.

Second, make sure you rummage as you never know what you might find!  There might be a vintage gem hidden somewhere that you could have easily missed.

Third, try on everything that you like as you never know when you may find a vintage gem that fits you perfectly.  Remember though, most vintage items are handmade so the measurements might not be the standard retail sizes.

Finally, look everything over a couple of times for any wear and tear, keeping in mind a quick run of a sewing machine can fix most anything if it’s not perfect.  So if you see something looking a bit lonely and it is screaming at you “take me please!” then try thinking outside the box, be creative and give something old a modern twist and incorporate your own style into it.

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