Toronto’s Allure Body Bar introduces skin brightening services


With one in four people affected by skin discolouration, Allure Body Bar is now the first beauty bar in the GTA offering underarm skin brightening treatments for those affected by dull skin and imperfections.

As one of the few Toronto salons helping men and women feel confident and comfortable in their skin, Allure Body Bar uses FDA Approved South Beach Skin Lightening gels.  Suitable for all skin types.  This service brings brightness back to dark or discoloured areas of the body without changing your natural pigmentation.

Safer than laser treatment and suitable for sensitive skin, South Beach Skin Lightening gels are Allure Body Bar’s product of choice as they absorb quickly and dry cleanly, with highly-advanced, all-natural ingredients.  The gel gently but effectively brightens dark pigmented areas by blending them with the natural skin tone, providing a fresh and more youthful look.

There are many factors that lead to skin discolouration including age, hormonal imbalances, childbirth and pregnancy, birth control, medication, weight gain, friction from clothing, and more.  Skin brightening treatments can be used on intimate areas (anal and genital), inner thighs, breasts, hands, knees, elbows and underarms.  Allure Body Bar’s skin brightening services can even be used for age spots, scars and burn marks.

South Beach Skin Lightening products are hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, contain no alcohol, fragrances, dyes or parabens.  In addition, these gels contain zero hydroquinone or kojic acid, which can cause burns and irritation.

In just three years, Allure Body Bar has become the neighbourhood’s go-to wax and beauty destination for men and women.  From the Quickzilian for women to the Manzilian for men, Allure Body Bar continues to provide unique and customer friendly services for both sexes.

Jess Turner is a public relations graduate and owner/operator of jsocial. She believes in simplicity and positive vibes.

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