Spring Bouquet

Modernized pastel colours are all over the Spring/Summer 2014 runways.  Let’s face it, no Easter bunny lives here because the runways are amidst with romantic and colour schematics that just make us want to sigh.  Cool colour combinations called colours of the ocean to the vibrant mint greens that are part of our evolving rainforest have even your worst critic loving these soft hues.

Some cues to remember and keep in mind when dressing with a pastel colour palette include:

Keep the look modern, let your pretty colour stand for itself and not be overshadowed by that pearl necklace you may want to add…aka…a little too stepford wife

Source:  Weheartit

Source: Weheartit

Wendy has the smarts of a “cat who had kittens”. Having travelled to all of the fashion Mecca’s of the world including Milan, Paris, and New York she not only has an innate ability to feel fashion but can capture the attitude and vibe that makes it real.

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