Product Of The Day: Plaid Cardigan Coat


JOA Plaid Cardigan Coat, Nordstrom($141.39)


When you think about plaid, your mind may automatically go to kilts, lumberjacks or uniforms.  We would like to expand your view on this wonderful pattern by introducing the Plaid Cardigan Coat by J.O.A.  This checkered pattern is one of those prints that’s potential is in the eyes of the beholder.  Plaid was traditionally used in school uniforms and symbolized obedience and order.  Now, plaid can be used in multiple ways to create diverse looks, depending on what it is styled with.  Burberry continues to use their signature plaid beautifully and elegantly with their apparel and accessories. On the flipside, this traditional tartan pattern, whether worn in shirts, pants, or coats, can be styled rebelliously.  Trending now, are waist-wrapped plaid flannel shirts that evoke that much-loved, edgy and punk vibe.





Plaid is an amazing fabric that can really act as a chameleon based on the look you are going for.  This is a huge reason why we are recommending this fabulous plaid cardigan coat from J.O.A., to spend the rest of your winter in.  This coat is made of a durable yarn that has a comfortable relaxed fit.  This soft blue plaid cardigan can be a central piece to your wardrobe, that will take your dull, neutral ensemble to a new, chicer level.

If you’re wondering how you can style J.O.A.’s plaid coat without looking like a schoolgirl, we have the perfect suggestion for you.  Pair this coat with a classic tee, some jeans and boots for a casual ensemble.  This coat can also be styled with an all black outfit for a bold appearance that really makes a statement.  Whichever look you decide to go for, this coat is the perfect purchase for 2015.  It will make your winter warmer, your closet more versatile and your outfit outstanding, regardless of whether you’re being obedient, rebellious, edgy or classically chic.




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