New York Designer Mario Guerrero

Here at Raggs & Rattle we have exciting news to share with our loyal readers.  Following the opening of 2015 with our celebration of Two Years Strong and Stylish, we have to present to you our exclusive collaboration with New York designer Mario Guerrero.

New York is the stage that for the past two years has stimulated Mario Guerrero’s senses and creativity, but Colombia, his native land, remains his most authentic inspiration.  In Colombia, he worked with renowned designers, such as Johana Ortiz, and subsequently collaborated with Pink Filosofy from the brands beginning.  After landing in the Big Apple, he participated for two seasons in Tia Cibani’s launch as an independent designer.  The search for his own voice in the large fashion capitals of the world led Mario to set up base in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a new mecca of the creative renaissance.


Sketches Exclusive For Raggs & Rattle Style

Mario designs for a modern woman; confident and elegant.  His garments are created to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer, and he has a clear idea of the type of women who would wear them.  The feminine sensuality of his pieces are manifested in folds and layers that provide a just measure of soberness, while subtle asymmetry adds an unexpected note of mystery.  Mario seeks, and achieves, to be interesting. Black and white in their most seductive forms are the colors that dye his philosophy.

Now, Guerrero faces his biggest creative challenge: “Adopting the legacy of the great visionaries of fashion and combining this with a fresh, singular vision,” and to continue to place, above all, the woman that bets on originality and who is passionate about soberness and sensuality.

Mario Guerrero White Shirt1
Mario Guerrero White Shirt 2
Mario Guerrero White Shirt 3

Nneka is the Creative Director and Founder of Raggs & Rattle Style. She has been a Runway Team Lead for Toronto Fashion Week and has been offered opportunities to work with New York Fashion Week. She loves scouting new creative talent and showcasing their work.

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