Mejuri Chic Charms

It’s a sigh of relief when you have found the perfect earring to compliment not only your outfit, but your personal style.  Feel the breath of fresh air the intricate design of this chandelier style bring whether worn alone or combined with a perfect classic stud.  Or take the look  up a notch with a pearl encrusted stud.  The look from afar will make others want that sense of whimsy you so easy achieved.

Day Look

Source: Raggs & Rattle Style by Vesma Puharte

Evening Look

The barometer continues to rise as day turns into night.  An early day earring can be transformed by adding other pieces from the collection.  Take darker hues of colour and mix with light and airy pieces to give that nighttime drama.

Source: Raggs & Rattle Style by Vesma Puharte

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