Maintaining Movember

November is the month men dedicate to the fight against prostate and testicular cancer.  As more and more men are becoming a Movember participant, we are finding many untamed faces walking around.   If you decide to join the movement, keep in mind that there is a vast difference between an unruly beard and well-kept facial hair.

I <3 Mustache on a Wall

Here are some tips to keep your Movember stash looking its best.

  • First, keep your moustache neatly trimmed at all stages.  Those first few weeks can look pretty messy and sporadic.
  • Next, skin becomes extremely dry under facial hair, so make sure to moisturize.  Look for a good face moisturiser and use your fingertips to regularly nourish the skin under your facial hair.
  • Finally, keep it clean!  Comb your facial hair regularly to take away any food residue, and use a good facial cleanser daily.

So what happens November 30th?   Makes sure you take precaution when you go to shave off your growth.  The best time to shave is right out of the shower when skin is soft and pores are open.  Trim first, then use a new high quality razor in conjunction with a shaving cream or gel.  Following these rules will help you look best during your Movember month.

Michelle is the manager at Allure Hair Design & Spa, and has worked in beauty industry for 15 years. She works along side with senior stylist, estheticians and make-up artists to keep on top of tips and trends. Regularly meeting with top product reps and leaders in the industry, Michelle is able to know what is happening now in the beauty world, and what is on the horizon

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