Vegan Leather Leggings for a Sleek and Chic Look

This season, trade in your plain leggings for this pair of vegan leather leggings and you will not be disappointed.  It’s New Year’s Eve and we recommend you get these leggings from Lysse Anthropologie to complete your new year look.  These bottoms have a great urban and sleek feel to them that will take your ensemble to the next level.  The vegan leather is the perfect material to balance out your holiday sweaters, and they will add an edge to any outfit.

Vegn Leather Pants

Lysse Seamed Vegan Leather Leggings  Anthropologie ($79.95)


Pull It Off

For some, leather bottoms come across as a touch intimidating.  The question, “How can I pull these leggings off?” may cross the mind.  Fear not, we have some do’s and don’ts for you.  These edgy and sexy leggings can be easily pulled off if styled properly.  When wearing these leggings don’t try to do too much; stay away from excessive accessories, overdone hair or makeup, and don’t pair them with inexpensive fabrics.  This will prevent you from looking over the top or cheap.  Do ditch any tops that are short or too tight and opt for a longer or oversized shirt to create a balance.  When it comes to selecting shoes to pair with Lysse Anthropologie’s vegan leather leggings, do choose pumps, flats or boots that will elongate your line and flatter your body.  Boots that are wider around the ankle create a great flattering line with any type of leggings regardless of the height of the shoe.





Style It

This unique pair of vegan leather leggings will look flawless with almost any top.  Pair these leggings with layered sweater for an elevated everyday look.  Spice up your look with a crisp white peplum top for a special occasion or a blouse (patterned or solid) for the office.  For outside, these leggings look amazing with an oversized coat and ankle boots to create a symmetry that is pleasing to any eye.





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