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Source:  Salvage Life

Spare Pennies

Have a piggy bank Every so often say, every three months, empty out your piggy bank and put your spare change into money bags (or a sandwich bag even) in terms of whether it be one pence, two pence etc.  Add up how much is in each bag and label it as you go along.  As soon as you have saved as much spare change as you want, you can easily transfer it to a bank account or keep it safe for a rainy day.  You don’t even have to empty it out; instead, as the months roll by, why not try keeping it all stashed away until the New Year and then open it as one of your resolutions.  If you find this way of saving your pennies to be successful, then you can easily re-do this again the next year and so on. Every penny counts.

Shop In Charity Shops

It is amazing what bargains you can find hidden away in charity shops and thrift stores from vintage trinkets for your home to your clothes and even vinyl and books.  Charity shops are a great source of saving money and living on a budget, and the best thing about it?  Every bit of your money you spend in a charity shop is helping a specific charity with donations also from the public to fund the good and honest work they do for others.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Selling unwanted items on eBay or at Car Boot sales is a great way to earn a little bit of extra money, especially if you are on a pretty tight budget. eBay is completely free to sign up and you can easily have people bidding on your items, or have them buy it for a price that you want straight away.  Simply package up and send off your items and there you have a little bit extra in your pocket.  Car boot sales are typically on a Sunday morning and it isn’t particularly that expensive to rent a little space for all your unwanted bits and pieces.  They are a lot of fun, especially if doing it with a friend or family member and again, for your lifestyle on a budget, car boot sales are great for gaining a little bit of extra money.

Asking The Question ‘Do I Need It?’

If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then don’t buy it.  You have to ask yourself whether it would truly be worth the money, or whether you would just be wasting it when you could be saving up for something better.  Alternatively, if you know you could find a similar item at a cheaper price then possibly try looking elsewhere.  If you are brave enough, persevere, leave it behind, and walk away.

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