Kids Style: Q & A With Child Models Louis & Nevin

We had the opportunity to interview model dual brothers Louis & Nevin Ahmet and their wonderful mother Jo.  These two little cutie pies definitely have a big personality and they are not afraid to show it when the cameras are rolling.  They have many talents which include modelling, singing, acting and dancing. Louis has appeared in commercials, magazines, the feature film Les Misreable and even a Disney promotion.  Nevin is just starting his journey and is currently modelling spring and summer wear on Peacocks website. Both  brothers are in this months Gurgle magazine.  The brothers recently had the opportunity to walk the catwalk at the first ever Global Kids Fashion Show in London.  We caught up with the boys and they shared with us their experience at Global Kids Fashion Week while mom gave us a little advice for those parents who are trying to get their kids in the modelling industry. 

RR: Can the both of you tell us how old are you and how long have you  been modelling?

Louis:  I am 7 and have been modelling for 4 years.

Nevin:  I am 3.  I have been modelling for 69 seconds (Jo’s words: He has been modelling for 6 months).

Louis & Nevin modelling in Ralph Lauren – Global Kids Fashion Show

RR: Do you remember your first booking?  What was it like?

Louis: No, but the first one I remember was from Marie Chantel.  It was amazing, loved having my pictures taken and made some new friends. 

Nevin: Catwalk and I like being with my brother.

Nevin wearing funky suspenders

RR: You were both awesome at Global Kids Fashion Week.  Tell us what it was like at Global Kids Fashion Week and what was it like to walk the runway.

Louis:I did it for charity which was nice.  I got to wear nice clothes.  I loved the black suit.  I got to see my friend Ben again who I did another job with.  All the people were nice.  I had my own dresser which was cool.  She was so kind and gave me sweets.  Walking the runway was wicked, lots of people saw me and I got to walk with my little brother who I love so much. It was my best job ever which was so much fun.

Nevin:I liked the pictures and being with my brother.   I got a balloon and candy floss.  When I was walking down the catwalk, it was nice because everyone was  smiling at me and taking my picture.  I liked the music and I can sing.

Louis walking the catwalk for Serrian Julian NYC – Global Kids Fashion Show

RR: Where you nervous or scared?  What is your trick so that you are not nervous when it comes to a photo shoot, runway etc?

Louis: I wasn’t scared, I was a little bit nervous as I have never walked a catwalk before.  I didn’t need any tricks, I love getting my photo taken.

Nevin: I liked it, it was fun being  with my brother and holding his hand

 Nevin all in grey posing for the camera


RR: What would you like to be when you grow up?

Louis: I want to be an actor as I really liked what I did in Les Miserable.  I would love to be the Doctor in Doctor Who.

Nevin: I want to be Sportacus from Lazy Town. 


Louis wearing Ralph Lauren 

RR: How do you prepare for amazing fashion shows like this and other ie runways, photo shoots etc especially when you have two boys in the industry?

Jo: First thing I absolutely make sure of is that my children enjoy and want to do this. Both my boys love to be centre of attention and be part of something which involves having their photo taken. They enjoy meeting other children and have made many friends. Due to this, they are both motivated to take part in shows and photo shoots. They both loved practising the catwalk at home, which was entertaining and fun.  It is always a real benefit when the organisers are very well prepared. GKFW was certainly one of the events that had all the boxes ticked. For example, the children had a dedicated chaperon and dresser. Everyone we came into contact with was friendly and helpful. It was clear from the outset that the welfare of the children was of paramount importance to the organizers and staff.  This always ensures that the children enjoy every moment of this experience, and cannot wait do it all over again.

Nevin sporting a plaid shirt layered with a red vest


RR: What advice would you give to moms that are trying to get their kids into the industry?

Jo: Parents need to ensure their children are comfortable around new people and enjoy being photographed and filmed.  Always be sure to do your homework thoroughly and use reputable agencies.  The boys are represented by Bonnie and Betty agency.  They are such a great agency really friendly and they look after the children that they represent.  I can’t say enough really how lucky the boys are.  They help us to prepare for shoots and organizing all the details.  A good agent is invaluable in this industry.  Due to the nature of the industry, you are usually called to attend castings at short notice and at various locations in the UK so you have to be available.  Overall, this really  needs to be something that you and your children enjoy.


All images courtesy of Jo Ahmet

Nneka is the Creative Director and Founder of Raggs & Rattle Style. She has been a Runway Team Lead for Toronto Fashion Week and has been offered opportunities to work with New York Fashion Week. She loves scouting new creative talent and showcasing their work.

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