Kids Corner: Crimbo (Christmas) DIY

We’ve waited for Christmas all year long.  In anticipation for the season, we’ve featured gift guides for men, the beauty buff and on classic wooden toys for the mini’s, and now we’re going to guide you through making a Christmas DIY gift for anyone you know who loves Christmas.  In the beginning, all Christmas decor was DIY, and in that spirit we’re excited to introduce DIY Santa and Rudolph figures.  They are perfect for giving away as a present, or for hanging as a new decoration on your own Christmas tree, and they’re festively fun to make!  All you will need are a few simple tools and to follow a few easy steps.


  • 2 three-inch paintbrushes
  • Red and white paint (or the colors of your choice)
  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Assorted decorative touches (sequins, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, gemstones, ribbon, etc.)





Step One:  To start, you are going to need to paint the handles of your paintbrushes.  One of them should be red and the other should be white with a couple of red stripes, but choose any combination of colours that suit you.

Step Two:  After the paint dries, wrap the coloured felt of your choice around the metal bit of each paint brush and glue in place.  (We said it was easy!)


Step Three:  It’s time to decorate, get creative and add unique touches.  For Santa, consider using three sparkly sequins for the buttons on his coat and a square sequin for the buckle on his belt.  For Santa’s right-hand reindeer, Rudolph, try using whatever you have lying around to represent eyes, a red gemstone for his nose and two pipe cleaners for his signature antlers.

Crimbo_Christmas_DIY3Step Four: Last but not least, tie a ribbon to the end of your paintbrushes.

Easy and adorable.  So, get to making, and gifting!  Merry Christmas!

I am an 11 year old blogger. I love ballet, modern, tap and street dance. I also love to sing and attend drama acadamy. I have also been on television and have stared on various productions locally.

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