Kick It Up A Notch: Converse Sneakers

ConverseSneakersFact! Created by Marquis Mills, the original Converse Company dates back to 1908 …wow…it has been around a while!

The company reached a pinnacle point when basketball hall of famer Chuck Taylor lent his name and signature to the trainers in 1921 skyrocketing them as the basketball shoe.

The Converse All-Stars were worn in a 1936 Olympics basketball game and the team went on to win 7 medals in them. The modern day version of converse can be customized to make it your own by picking out cool colours that will make this pair of shoes your favourite.  A hi-rise rubber version of the shoes can be found on the site today which can transition your wardrobe right into fall and perhaps even winter with a warm sock.

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During Paris Fashion Week, spotted were high heeled and wedge styled converse sneakers which reminded us of  their coolness factor.

Celebrities have made theses shoes part of a cultural phenomenon. Celebrities such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have even been caught wearing a pair to such events as the Golden Globe Awards. Even before their time it was the rockers and rebels in the 1980’s and 1990’s that created a counterculture where wearing these sneakers was all the range.

A pair of the 75th anniversary edition is in the Smithsonian Museum. Converse shoes have been part of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s collection for more than 50 years.

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