How To Keep Your Hair Stylish: 1 Blow Dry. 4 Days.

We are all busy people.  Crazy busy; and let’s face it, sometimes creating that beautiful blow-out at home just isn’t in the cards.  We also (between meetings, overtime, school, kids and a million other things) love living our lives in style.  Exclusively for Raggs and Rattle Style, Sterling Williams, stylist from Toronto’s Salon Escape, demonstrates how to keep stylish hair for four days with these simple tips and tricks.

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Day 1: The Perfect Blow-Dry

Sterling Williams recommends washing your hair twice for maximum manageability.  The first wash should be with a clarifying shampoo like Unite’s Weekender.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly and follow up your second wash with your favourite salon professional shampoo.  Rinse completely and condition from mid-shaft to ends.  Wrap in towel and head over to your blow dry station.

It is important to prep your hair before using any heat tools to protect it from damage.  Sterling uses Living Proof Prime Style Extender and Living Proof Frizz Weightless Styling Spray.

Rough dry your hair with your ionic titanium blow dryer until 60% dry.  Always keep the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft – this helps to close the hair cuticle and remove frizz.

1 Blow Dry  4 Days2
Section Your Hair

Now for the sectioning:  Start at the nape and take thin sections so you have more control.  It’s easier to split the section in half and blow-dry one side at a time over your shoulder.  Using your round brush, start at the root of your section, point your nozzle downward on your hair and ensure the root is dry first, then slowly move your brush in a downward position.  Don’t be afraid of a little friction!  Once you get to the ends slowly roll your brush under and release.

The direction of the air is very important!  Always make sure the air is blowing down to seal that cuticle!

Now Repeat After Me

Repeat these steps with each section until you get to the crown.  Once at the crown, blow-dry your hair forward, still keeping the nozzle in a downward direction to create volume.

If you have a fringe, blow-dry the hair straight down to eliminate volume at the root.  Hold your brush in place to lock in style and seal your ends.

Finish with Living Proof Satin Hair Serum from mid-shaft to ends.

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