Designer Feature: Kao Pao Shu

RRS:  You just got back from Europe, what were some of the latest fashion trends, where do you see   yourself as a designer?

KPS:  I don’t feel it is about the trends.  In Europe, I feel there is a broad selection of trends, choice is what you prefer. I design from a line of thought from one collection to the other.  I want people to feel my clothes and want to wear my clothes; however I’m mindful about the seasons.  When designing I’m not going to use summer colours in another season.


RRS:  You’re from Bosnia but you live and work in LA, which city do you feel has the greatest influence on your design?  

KPS:  I like this question. Growing up in Sarajevo, it is an important city to me.  I got my roots from that city.  My husband calls it a “village”.  On the other hand, I have lived in L.A. for about 5 years. In Sarajevo, Europeans are on the go. In L.A. people here are tied to their car…always on the move going from one place to the next.  In the end, both have made a mixture on my design, both environments together.


RRS:  Would you be able to explain the concept behind your brand?

KPS:  Sure…Kao Pao Shu is about designing functional pieces, about bringing something new and fun into someone or somebodies life.  For instance, the bag that I design is used to fit the body, even the colours.  The clothing starts from being functional and comfortable, but in the end I want people to wear it and be happy.   The concept of aesthetics of the bags basically all follow one line which gives shape while constructing.  One line wraps around in a shape.  There is a fluidity to my design.


RRS: I noticed one sentence in your Bio said that “Begeta inspires her team to be kind, to be innovative, to be adventurous.” I love that you said kind….can you comment on that ?

KPS: That to be kind is very important in life…in general.  I spend a lot of time with a lot of different people and want to create a good environment.  Kindness is important in the workplace.


RRS: In 3-5 years from now…what should we expect from Kao Pao Shu ?

KPS:  I hope through working hard, it will become a worldwide brand that people will buy and wear with pleasure and love.


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Wendy has the smarts of a “cat who had kittens”. Having travelled to all of the fashion Mecca’s of the world including Milan, Paris, and New York she not only has an innate ability to feel fashion but can capture the attitude and vibe that makes it real.

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