Jaden Smith Rocks A Skirt

What a way to start of 2016 campaign collaborations!  And by that, we are referring to Louis Vuitton creative director Nicola Ghesquiere’s image teaser of the fashion house’s latest campaign on Instagram featuring Jaden Smith rocking a skirt.  The 17 year old actor is no stranger to unconventional fashion and is at pure ease posing in the latest womenswear Spring/Summer 2016 campaign shot.

Jaden Smith Louis Vuitton Skirt

Source: nicoleghesquiere

Shot by photographer Bruce Weber, the new campaign features Sarah Brannon, Rianne Van Rompaey and Jean Campbell.

Nneka is the Creative Director and Founder of Raggs & Rattle Style. She has been a Runway Team Lead for Toronto Fashion Week and has been offered opportunities to work with New York Fashion Week. She loves scouting new creative talent and showcasing their work.

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