Growing an Indoor Herb garden

Let’s face it, you know what a difference it makes when fresh herbs are used in cooking.  So with spring coming, why not invite some guests over for a stylish dinner party and have them feel spoiled by preparing a yummy dish prepared with savoury herbs on a beautiful sunny day!  If you have even a bit of a green thumb, the best way to always have fresh herbs on hand is to set up your own herb garden.


Source: Williams Sonoma

All you need are a few small jars or a window box and a sunny spot for it in or near your kitchen.  Find seedlings or seeds at a nursery or even the local grocer.


Source: rockettstgeorge

Favourite herbs to grow yourself are: parsley, sage, thyme, chives, dill, mint, basil, rosemary.  Keep the soil moist, add fertilizer and watch your herbs grow!  Then take those herbs to the kitchen – your dinner guests will thank you!

Karen is a management consultant and has an MBA. She loves to travel and has made several trips to Europe and various cruise destinations. She enjoys tending the garden at her waterfront home.

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