Gold vs Silver

Traditionally, gold-colored jewelry is worn best by women or men with a warm skin tone and silver-colored jewelry by those with a cool skin tone.  To find out which type of skin tone you have, hold a piece of white paper to your wrist and look for veins.  If your veins have a green hue, you have a warm skin tone.  If your veins have a blue hue, you have a cool skin tone.  Most people have a cool skin tone.  Cool skin tones favor silver, platinum and white gold jewelry and warm skin tones are flattered by yellow or pink gold, copper and brass.

Accessories that work best with cool skin tones are pink, blue, purple, red, and magenta and similarly colors that play up warm skin tones are brown, green, orange, yellow, coral, and turquoise.  Don’t fret if you skin tone doesn’t match the jewelry you usually like to wear.  In the past, wearing gold and silver together was a no-no but today many necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are made in various shades of both silver and gold.  Mix and match jewelry and accessories to see what best compliments your skin along with the outfit you are wearing.  Today, upscale jewelry designers like David Yurman have been showcasing items that mix gold and silver elements within the same piece.

Karen is a management consultant and has an MBA. She loves to travel and has made several trips to Europe and various cruise destinations. She enjoys tending the garden at her waterfront home.

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