The Gift of Giving: Holiday Gifts for Him 2014

Jo Malone London

Jo Malone has some of the best selections of perfumes and colognes.  A number of his creations span the olfactory spectrum from the sweet and exotic to wild and spicy.  My particular favorite of these is vanilla & anise.  This warm, sweet, and spicy perfume is ideal for both sexes, and smell great on just about anyone.  Its important to note that selecting a perfume as a gift can be tricky as their taste may be difficult to discern. Luckily, vanilla is a scent that few people have an issue with.


Jo Malone London Cologne, Jo Malone London ($60.00 and up)


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The company also has an excellent selection of scented candles.  While that may sound somewhat unappealing, a quality scented candle is an ideal gift for the young bachelor.  These candles are mature and a much sexier option than room deodorizers.  The prices typically vary between $30 and $120 dollars, but are well worth it as they last quite a while.


Jo Malone London Candles, Jo Malone London ($30.00 and up)


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Weekender Bags

Choosing a bag isn’t necessarily an easy feat, but a helpful tip to remember is to consider how useful your gift will be to the person receiving it.  Being that it’s that time of year, it’s important to have the right travel bag.  Whether a toiletry bag, simple tote, leather pack, or style conscious and iconic weekender, you can never quite go wrong in presenting a bag as a gift.


Hamden Bag, Belstaff England ($1395.00 )


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Lotuff Leather Travel Kit,  East Dane ($465.00)


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The Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is one of those things that doesn’t get old. It’s a permanent staple in western fashion that’s endured the ages.  In twenty years the next generation will, no doubt, be wearing them with perhaps a small change in execution.  Like all good jackets, quality and detail are key.  Belstaff England is likely the foremost authority when it comes to outerwear.  They have the tendency to be on the pricy side, but last a lifetime.



Farleigh Jacket, $2795 Belstaff ($2795.00)


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If Belstaff doesn’t quite have anything that catches your eye (which is doubtful), All Saints has an excellent array of stylish jackets for men.



Cranleigh Leather Biker Jacket, AllSaints ($725.00 )


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Grooming the Guy

Don’t think that a guy would take receiving toiletries as a gift offensively.  Luxury based lotions and soaps are always a big bonus.  Baxter of California offers several grooming products for men ranging from cleansers, shaving supplies, shampoos, lotions and scrubs.  These products are priced between the $20 and $350.


Baxter of California, Baxter of California ($20.00 and up)


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