How To Dress For An Important Business Meeting

How To Dress For an Important Business Meeting

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Take note ladies: an important business meeting with prospective clients, employers or current business partners is not the time to get overtly creative in your wardrobe choices.  Keep it simple and professional.  Conservatism really is key.

Your hours of prepping for the meeting is best met with looking the part.  Think Kate Middleton meets Marissa Mayer.  Don’t underestimate the impact of a well-tailored suit.  Whether your choice of attire is a dress, skirt, or pants and blouse, ensure that each piece is met with a blazer.  You want to engage in full business over-drive, not strumming along in casual slacks.  If a dress or skirt is the outfit of choice, ensure the length of the hem is no more than 2-inches above the knee and doesn’t rest too tightly on your body.  You want to be comfortable and confident, but also professional. Avoid wearing any bold patterns or bright as the sun colors.  Stick to neutrals (or stick to all black. Now that’s a power-suit!).  Also avoid any blouses that show cleavage.  Your business partners aren’t meeting you for signing documents and a show.

Do your research.  It is as equally important to prep for the meeting as it is to understand your audience.  Are you meeting clients from abroad?  They may have certain customary rules revolving business-meeting attire, and as such it is a sign of respect to acknowledge these customs, and may also help you seal the deal.  Or maybe you are trying to sign a new local client to your firm?  If the client is an old-school conservative chap, than put on that black suit and get ready to show them how traditional you can be.  Don’t let opportunities slip away by not dressing the part.  Image really is an important factor in first impressions.  Make those first few seconds count.

Lauren is an avid believer that fashion has the true ability to ignite confidence and inspire. She holds an MBA from Ryerson University and has worked in various capacities within the fashion and retail world. Her innate passion to help other women discover their own sense of style led her to create a fashion and career blog. She also has an Image Consulting business in the works.

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