Designing for small spaces

Source: Stepinit Design

Many people today – whether singles, newlyweds or empty nesters – are purchasing condos or renting apartments that have a much smaller floor plan than homes of the past.  Suites around 500 sq ft can easily accommodate a couple while even less room is needed for the single homeowner.  The key is to use the space wisely.

Some options for maximizing a smaller living area include:

  • Buy apartment or condo sized furniture that are more compact and still very comfortable.  Opt for sectionals which create more seating while taking up less space.  EQ3 has a great selection!
  • Invest in storage solutions that hide or tuck away things when they are not being used including Murphy (wall) beds, floor to ceiling cabinets, or shelving units.  IKEA has a great selection.  If you can’t store it and you don’t use it, donate to a good cause!
  • Glass table tops do wonders to make a smaller space look larger!  They provide the homeowner the functionality they need without the crowded look of another large item.
  • Mirrors!  Whether modern, contemporary or classic, mirrors allow the homeowner to add a touch of their unique style while creating a perfect illusion of a larger living space.
  • If you have a breakfast bar, purchase a dining room table at the same height.  This allows for some stylish bar stools to be used in both places while taking up less space!
  • If possible, choose an open concept designs that eliminate walls and create a feeling of spaciousness

Karen is a management consultant and has an MBA. She loves to travel and has made several trips to Europe and various cruise destinations. She enjoys tending the garden at her waterfront home.

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