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RR: What does the name Ida Ising mean? 

My name is Ida Marie Ising Bagger – before I got married my name was Ida Marie Gadegaard Ising. It is my family name and my family is the only one in Denmark with that surname. When I started up my own company I thought that my name Ida Ising gave a personal touch and would be easy for people to remember.


MAPLE by Ida Ising


RRS:  How did you get into the business of designing luxury changing bags.

In December 2007 my first son was born, and my mother-in-law gave me a homemade changing bag.

At first I did not realize how important this particular changing bag was going to be, since this was my first child, and I did not know much about changing bags.  Little by little though, I started to notice the changing bags my friends had – which I thought were not at all as comfortable for baby as mine, nor as functional, practical, hygienic or nice looking.

For my husband and I (primarily because of the changing mattress inside the bag) we changed our son’s diapers in gardens, in the park, at shopping mall toilets, at airplane toilets, on hard terracotta floor in friends’ houses, at places without changing facilities and many, many other places. Our son was always very comfortable having his diaper changed because he felt comfortable being changed at the same place each time.  For us as parents, it gave us a great flexibility to not be dependent on changing facilities every time a diaper had to be changed.  A lot of our friends started to ask me where I got the changing bag, if they could buy one or if I could make one for them.

This led me to start to sew and re-design the changing bag into what I thought would be the perfect changing bag. The idea about making my own production company one began to grow.

In 2011 my husband and I had our second child and I decided to start with my brand new production of changing bags.


LARCH by Ida Ising


RRS:How long does it take to normally construct a piece?

In the beginning when I sewed the changing bags myself it took me about 5 hours for one piece. Now, the bags are still handmade but by professional tailors and I think it takes them less than 5 hours a piece.



RRS: What are some of the materials that you use and where do you source your materials?

The Oeko-tex baby mattress is made in Denmark on a small Ireland called Fyn where I grew up.

The mattress is 2 cm in height and provides the highest level of comfort for your child while changing – along with optimal hygiene while offering the utmost functionality for the parents.

We use genuine leather handles made from cows, which have grazed in southern France and tanned in Italy. We source them from a Danish company. Our genuine leather closures and wooden buttons are custom-made in Germany.

We also use Liberty of London Art fabrics inside the bags, which are made in Italy.


High Quality Materials


RRS: How would you best describe Ida Ising?

Scandinavian design with a strong focus on quality in materials and design.


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