Day 4: Bounce, Baby, Bounce!

Bounce Baby Bounce

Courtesy of  Salon Escape

Finally, your last day!  By this day your hair will be feeling a bit heavier so Sterling likes to give her hair a bouncier style.  All you need is your heat styler, a flat iron and some flexible hairspray.




Section your hair, starting at the bottom section.  Pull your hair around to the side of your face to make it easier to curl. Spray in your heat protecting spray.  Sterling uses Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray.  Secure your flat iron at the root and twist the flat iron in a counter clockwise motion as you pull downward on your hair (think of it like pulling a ribbon through scissors to get a curled ribbon.) Continue this motion until you complete your first section and then create a second section.  Continue the same steps until you have curled all of your hair.  If you feel as though your curls are too tight, just run your fingers through them until you achieve your desired look.  Sterling completes this look by finishing with Living Proof Flex Hairspray.

It’s important to always use the correct products to avoid build-up and damage.  So break out your dry shampoo and don’t let crazy busy stop you from stepping out with stylish hair.

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