Benefits to Downsizing your Space

Let’s face it, downsizing means you’ll have to say sayonara to some of your stuff, there’s no question about it.  BUT, it also brings benefits! Here are three we like:

TOSS – Just like our closet clean up tips, if you haven’t used an item in a year and it doesn’t have
true sentimental value, it’s time to go. Either donate, recycle or toss. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you have just by ridding yourself of unnecessary clutter!

Clothes Rack 5

Photo Credit: Paul Hanaoka

TRANSFORM – Get those creative juices flowing and focus on functional, multi-purpose rooms and furniture to optimize the space you do have. Think – an office that can be turned into a guest room or an ottoman that doubles as a storage unit. You get the picture.


Source: Freshhome

And finally ….

TIME – Now that you have downsized and you aren’t wasting hours on housework, you can spend more time out enjoying your fav activities. Go to the gym! Take a vacation! Or just sit back and drink some hot tea and read a book.

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Source: Joanne Eubank – Mr Teacup

Karen is a management consultant and has an MBA. She loves to travel and has made several trips to Europe and various cruise destinations. She enjoys tending the garden at her waterfront home.

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