Beach Looks for the Groom

Caspian seas, sweet smells of the ocean, and great food are only part of putting together one of the most special days of your life. With love in the air, why not capture the magic and have it shine through with your attire for that special lady you’re marrying. Think first about your category of style, from casual rolled up chinos to a lighter fare suit with a hint of personality, and consider how the look can transpire from late afternoon to the late hours of the evening.

1.  Pants:  Volcom Frickin Dye Pants    2.  Mens Bowtie:  Moaning Minnie   3.  Fedora: Rag & Bone

Whether you like a little fedora flare or prefer sticking to the basics, looks can be brought to you from high end brands to more affordable options. When it comes to the beach, some advice would be to stick to lighter shades of colour and make sure your boutonnière reflects a bit of your personal style. It is a special day which can be capsulated by feeling great with your attire.

Wendy has the smarts of a “cat who had kittens”. Having travelled to all of the fashion Mecca’s of the world including Milan, Paris, and New York she not only has an innate ability to feel fashion but can capture the attitude and vibe that makes it real.

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