Karen Kempel

Karen is a management consultant and has an MBA. She loves to travel and has made several trips to Europe and various cruise destinations. She enjoys tending the garden at her waterfront home.


Sleeping Beauty

The key to a restful sleep is a high quality mattress and ample luxury bedding.  Whether you prefer a mattress that is soft or…


Work From Home

Work from Home A growing trend in today’s job market is the shift to telecommuting or working from home. With advances in technology allowing…


At Home Barista

Imagine the heady aroma of a freshly brewed espresso, latté or cappuccino wafting from your local coffee house.  Feeling eager anticipation?  Now it is…


Summer Wines

With the warmer temperatures on the rise, it’ll soon be time to appreciate light and refreshing white and rosé wine drinks and coolers. Enjoy…