Ask A Stylist: 4 Easy Ways To Wear Leather



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It’s dramatic and sexy… Leather vests, leggings, skirts, pants, tops, dresses and jackets are available in a variety of colors, cuts and styles this season.  A head-to-toe leather outfit can be rocker chic and fresh look!  So let’s embrace the trend and get the styling right, here’s some tips to try.


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Be creative.  Opt for pieces that are looser than traditionally worn garments.  Leather doesn’t always have to be skin tight!


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Get the look.  Layer your outfit by adding non-leather layers in-between.  A knit top or a silk blouse will work, don’t hesitate!


  Source:  Tim Regas  Instagram user wheresmydriver

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Soften the tough look.  Anything pleated (it can be a blouse or a skirt) will make you look feminine instantly.  Also, choosing colored leather is a great option that creates a softening effect to you leather look.


Source:  A House In The Hills

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Think a size smaller.  Leather will stretch after a number of wears so buy a size smaller for a perfectly fitted silhouette.

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Maya Eltal is a Fashion Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant; a Certified Image Consultant through the International Image Institute of Toronto and a graduate of a Fashion Retailing & Merchandising Program. Maya has styled television commercials, music video clips, fashion photo shoots and corporate businesses. For the past three years, Maya appeared regularly as a guest speaker on the Lebanese TV “LBC”, watched by thousands as one of Lebanon’s most trusted stylist with expertise in high-end fashion and key trends.

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