Accessories In Menswear

Now is the time to reflect, to look back, and to consider what we have to work with this season.  Of course there remain the standards, and the flexible guidelines (trends) that influence them each season.  You want the ideal shoe, the select sunglasses, and of course the standard bag.  There’s so much more to accessories in menswear.  The importance is to understand what they bring to a look, and subsequently where great style can take a person in today’s society and ever evolving fashion climate.

The Man-Bag Standard

This statement piece is split between 3 categories, the weekender, the briefcase, and the backpack.  My personal style of course leans towards the weekender or the backpack, but this shouldn’t deter you from experimenting with other facets of style.  These two items are indeed a little more versatile than the briefcase, but lack the polished (and professional) appeal embodied by the briefcase. While I value the detail in leather packs and weekenders, this season I suggest opting for brightly colored and festive backpacks.  Soft pastels set the mood for the spring.  It is after all a season of transitions and rebirth.  Don’t be afraid to utilize these things in the advancement of your wardrobe.

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Herschel Stone Printed Backpack – TopMan  ($190.00)


Wallets and Pocketbooks

There are five items I never leave my house without, the wallet is among these things.  While some may take this little item for granted, it is indeed a token of stylish organization.  There’s nothing more juvenile than someone who doesn’t carry a wallet/cardholder.  While they come in a variety styles and materials, it’s always ideal to have a clean leather wallet for more formal settings.

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Havoc Wallet – AllSaints ($75.00)



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Gloves of Glory

These are an interesting category here.  If you’ve followed my other posts, you no doubt know my fondness of neutrals and leather goods.  Knits are nice, but a pair of quality leather gloves will last for a minimum of 5 years.  Talk about making a stylish investment.

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Yield Glove – AllSaints ($125.00)


High-Top Hats

It’s the vintage vibes behind these hats that excite me. I’m an avid supporter of vintage and recycled items. This here is one of the many perks of having older grandparents. The newer fedoras and panama hats aren’t as well made as many of the ones from previous decades. Don’t be afraid to free your grandparents of a few of these items. If you’re not interested in jail breaking your grandfather’s wardrobe you’re always welcomed to go over to All Saints. This highly style conscious brand has a great selection of bowler and fedora hats ideal for the spring.

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Bronson Fedora – AllSaints ($55.00)


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