6 Smart Tips For Black Friday

Smart Shopping Tips

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Black Friday used to be a one day event but now with Cyber Monday it is a week long adventure with sales starting now as we speak.  If you will be hitting the streets November 28th in search of those deals than there are 6 smart tips that every Black Friday Shopper needs to know.

Make A Plan

If you are one of the brave souls that will be venturing out either after Thanksgiving supper or the next morning than you need to be strategic by making a list of what items you want to purchase ahead of time.   You should start your list as soon as the ads start coming and should contain the name of the article, price and where you saw it.  There are some wonderful aps out there that will help you find those amazing deals on Friday.  If you are not ap savy than you can always create a junk email to receive your favorite retailers deal of the week.

Dress For The Occasion

We need to stress the footwear here.  You know you are going to be on your feet in search of those amazing deals so you need to wear comfortable shoes or boots.  Personally I wear a pair of flat riding boots or my trainers during Black Friday Madness.   Also,  dress for the season.  Depending on where you live, winter may have already arrived so if stuck in the line up, you can be nice in warm in your down fill jacket.


Expect huge line ups at the food courts.  We recommend that you pack a few protein bars to hold you through your shopping extravaganza.

Buddy Shop

Also know as grab a friend.  With all the super deals out there sometimes your first purchase may not always be the best.  Yes, sales can be tempting and sometimes we need that friend to help us make the smart decision .   And if your buddy is not much of a support and you have to hold him/her back, shopping with a pal is always so much fun.

Price Match

We love stores that will price match.  We suggest that you  contact stores beforehand to see their policies.  For price matching check online or make comparisons with flyers.

Don’t Throw Away Your Receipts

I repeat don’t throw away your receipts!  Ask for a gift receipt.  Let’s face it between now and the rest of the holiday season  there are going to be so many deals.  The price that you are getting now  may not always be the best deal.  We  recommend that you keep all of your receipts in a safe box at home just in case you have to return it.

Nneka is the Creative Director and Founder of Raggs & Rattle Style. She has been a Runway Team Lead for Toronto Fashion Week and has been offered opportunities to work with New York Fashion Week. She loves scouting new creative talent and showcasing their work.

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