5 Cover Letter Tips For Any Industry


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Oh that cover letter debate, to attach or not?  After working in human resources as a recruiter and career counselor for years and having the privilege of reviewing thousands of cover letters for various industries, I must confess it is the cover letter that sometimes acts as the breaking factor.  I know that some may debate it all depends on the industry, but every savvy job seeker should be able to pull one out of their back pocket in a flash when presented with an employment opportunity.   My number one rule of thumb I always tell my clients is to think of your cover letter as part of the application process regardless.

Here are 5 cover letter tips you can apply for any industry:

1.  Tailor Your Cover Letter Like A Tailored Made Suit

So you have this fabulous custom tailored made suit set aside for any upcoming interviews and networking events.  That is wonderful! But, you may not get that chance to wear it to any interviews if your cover letter could be a blocker.   So why not due the same for your cover letter.  Although the generic cover letter is easy, remember you want to stand out from the crowd and a tailored cover letter for that unique company/position that you are applying for will help get you noticed.


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2.  Market Yourself

This is another platform for you to really show off  your talent for those details that you may not be able to show on your resume.  In the marketing process be sure you keep the following in mind:  Why would you be the perfect candidate for the position and why you want to work there?  Be sure that you connect your skills and experience to the actual job description.

 3.  You are Not A Broken Record

Don’t double the recruiters job, or some cases bore  them, by repeating simply what is on your resume.  Remember, this is an opportunity for you to give the recruiter a snapshot of who you are and why you would be the best fit.   Use it to demonstrate your soft skills and enthusiasm for the opportunity.

4.  Edit

We can’t stress this over and over again.  Be sure to check for spelling, grammar and run-on sentences.  Grammatical errors are an easy way to end up in the NO pile and believe me recruiters do sort by YES and NO piles.  The last thing you would want is the employer thinking you are carless.   I recommend that you get your BFF, hubby, wife , mom or dad to take quick peek.  ( Note:  make sure that there editing skills are up to par).

 5.  Keep it Brief

Sometime recruiters can get hundreds of applications per position and frankly they don’t have the luxury to read novels.  Hiring manager have to act smart and time is the essence.  To be on the safe side, stick to one page and if necessary use bullets or charts to break up your cover letter.

Nneka is the Creative Director and Founder of Raggs & Rattle Style. She has been a Runway Team Lead for Toronto Fashion Week and has been offered opportunities to work with New York Fashion Week. She loves scouting new creative talent and showcasing their work.

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