40 Clutter Items You Need To Get Rid Of Now

Cluttered Item You Need To Get Rid Of Now 00


Clutter be gone! 123 hocus pocus alamagocus!  If only it could be that easy.  Cleaning out clutter can be a daunting task especially if you have let it accumulate over time and you simply don’t have the space to store/hide your stuff.  Don’t you hate it when you get the energy to tackle the clutter and you find yourself only moving items from one spot to the other. With spring just around the corner it is time for that clutter to disappear for good by dedicating only 15 minutes a day to donate, sell, recycle or, our favourite, toss.  As the saying goes one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

Here is a list of clutter items that need to go now:

  1. Old magazines/journals/flyers
  2. Wire hangers from the drycleaners
  3. Stained garments
  4. Broken cellphones/cellphones not in use
  5. Old receipts
  6. Mismatched beddings
  7. Old lottery tickets – make sure that you have checked them beforehand
  8. Old wallets
  9. Shoes that don’t fit
  10. Bills that have already been paid
  11. Prom Dress
  12. Old beach towels
  13. Expired medication or anything that is expired
  14. Wedding dress from your first marriage
  15. Tried Flowers
  16. Purses not in use
  17. Kids stuff animals and toys that they have out grown
  18. Boxes from your move over 10 years ago
  19. Bottom junk drawer in the kitchen
  20. Old T-shirts
  21. Cell phones from 2008,  2009, 2010 etc…
  22. Old pots and pans
  23. DVD’s
  24. Old makeup
  25. CDs
  26. Clothes that don’t fit
  27. Fridge magnets
  28. That old tube tv that is in the back of your closet
  29. Outdated cell phone accessories
  30. Old rugs and door mats
  31. Belts that are broken or extra holes you made on the belt that are now stretched
  32. Ticket stubs
  33. That old prom dress from the 80’s
  34. Wedding invitations
  35. Tissue paper from your awesome wedding shower
  36. Anything from the ex boyfriend or husband
  37. Pillows not in use
  38. Books that you have never read
  39. Clothes with tags that have been sitting in the closet for months
  40. Dried nail polish

Nneka is the Creative Director and Founder of Raggs & Rattle Style. She has been a Runway Team Lead for Toronto Fashion Week and has been offered opportunities to work with New York Fashion Week. She loves scouting new creative talent and showcasing their work.

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