10 Stylish Ways To Spruce Your Bathroom On A Budget

10 Stylish Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom On A Budget

Source:  Bo Bedre

Is your bathroom tired and outdated?  Giving your bathroom a quick refresh doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  In fact, you can do it on a dime without compromising style.  Here are 10 chic and budget friendly ways to update one of the most used rooms in the house.

Stylish Tip #1

  • Declutter – Something as simple as clearing off your bathroom counter can make a room feel lighter and cleaner.

Stylish Tip # 2

  • Repaint – a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a room.

 Stylish Tip #3

  • Shower Curtain – Replace that old shower curtain with a modern, neutral color.

Stylish Tip #4

  • Flowers:  Add fresh flowers

Stylish Tip #5

  • Hooks:  Install trendy bathroom hooks to hang up your towels

Stylish Tip #6

  • Candles:  Group candles of varying sizes around the bathtub for instant calming and ambiance.

Stylish Tip #7

  • Stool:  If you the space place a chic stool or make up chair in the bathroom.

Stylish Tip #8

  • Pictures:  Add framed pictures to the walls.

Stylish Tip #9

  • Lighting:  Add dimmers to light switches to create softer lighting.

Stylish Tip #10

  • Faucets:  Change old bathroom faucets and fixtures.

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